Kings of Chaos is an online game, specifically an MMORPG (not to be confused with online commercial games and gambling, like Online poker). This document has not been updated in quite some time, as can be seen below. There are probably some out there that are now of higher quality, though this guide withstood the test of time even well into Age 3. Feel free to consult it or test out the experimental wiki, but CenterOfChaos or one of the other references out there might be more updated—though likely none are as comprehensive or ambitious.

Kings of Chaos Help Guide

Hosted at Michael Greene's website,
Last updated: September 3, 2004
  1. Basic Training: how to get started containing:
  2. Tactic Section containing:
    • Growing tips
    • SA strategies
    • DA strategies
    • Various strategic tips and more!
  3. Famous Clicking Systems containing:
    • A complet e guide to today's most famous recruiters and how to use them.
  4. External Links and Credits

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Basic Training: how to get started

Really basic information

Joining under a commander of your preference:

When you click someone’s unique link (i.e. you’ll find yourself in a page where you have to press a button with a number corresponding to the number shown—click the number and you’ll get to a page saying:

You have been recruited into (Koc_Name)'s army!
(Koc_Name) is building an army of Humans/Dwarfs/Orcs/Elves and now has xxxx soldiers in (Koc_Name)'s war machine.
If you wish, you may become one of (Koc_Name)'s officers and build an army of you r own. With (Koc_Name)'s protection and support, you too may build an army that will someday reign over all Chaos. If you accept this challenge,

Join The War!

All you have to do is to click on Join The War! and fill out a form with your Kings of Chaos desired username, race, current e-mail, etc… You will receive an email from the KoC admins to activate your account.

What is the difference between races?

After your account is activated you are ready to play KoC!
(Notice that you cannot see your rank or your commander until the ranking updates which take place every hour)

So after everything is done correctly you login with your KoC name, email and password
(try using an email that’s not the same as your KoC name, or and a strong alphanumeric password to avoid getting hacked…)

After you login you can find yourself in the...

Kings of Chaos Pages

Command Center

In the command center page you can see your stats: current SA (strike action), DA (defensive action), CA (covert action), Fortification and Siege Technology, Available funds, etc& hellip;
You can also change your email/password, reset/change race and delete your account here.

On the left side of the page there are some buttons leading you to the other pages of your account.

Under all that there is your game’s inbox where you can read messages that other players have sent you. All you have to do to read messages is to click on the number displayed next to Messages.
(If you have received a new message the number changes to red).

You can also see how many turns you currently have available. You get one attack turn every 30 minutes, you also receive your turn based gold every 30 minutes which is 28 gold for each soldier you have or 35 gold if you have chosen humans as your race.

On the bottom of the page you can see your Unique Link. You can click your unique link once every 24 hours and gain one soldier for every click. You can also have your link clicked by friends, family or even better join an alliance and have your link added to their clickmaster, a database with players’ links so that you can click other people and have your link clicked back for more than one soldier per day…

So it’s time to see what other pages do.

Attack page

When you press attack you can find yourself in the battlefield, a page with 50 players that are close to your rank and you can see their army size and gold. Of course you can jump to another page with weaker players by using Jump to page which is located under the last player in the page you re at. You can even search for a specific player by using the Search by username box.

Let’s say that you have found a juicy target with good money to attack. Click on his KoC name, and you’ll get to his stats page where you can see more info about your enemy. You can spy on him (we’ll explain that later), send him a message and of course attack him!

So let’s attack him… Choose attack and you’ll get to a page where you have to fill in the attack turns you want to use (you’ll find tips and strategies on that by our strong and top ranked players later on…)

Let’s say you use 15 attack turns – more turns means more money gained – and press attack. The battle repor t page will open and you’ll find out if you won the battle or lost.

You win a battle when the damage your soldiers inflict on the enemy is higher than his defence, if you win the battle your gold rises and you can now spend it on weapons and fortifications. Notice that you can lose soldiers or kill some of the enemy’s soldiers during an attack depending on your army size and the damage inflicted.

Attack Log page

Here you can see information about previous attacks on othe rs, or attacks on you.
To get more info about a specific attack, click on the details link. If you have less gold than you used to, check out attack log page, you might have been already attacked.

Armory page

In the armory page you can see a list of the weapons you currently have, buy new weapons or repair existing damaged weapons, and of course upgrade fortifications and siege technology.

To buy a weapon, just go to the buy weapons section of the page and fill in the quantity of the weapon you d like to buy depending on the money you have. Notice that when you buy offensive or defensive weapons your SA and your DA rises. On the other hand if you have more weapons than soldiers things will not change much, only if you buy a stronger weapon (your soldiers always use stronger weapons first, then the less stronger etc…) You can also ”bank” your money by buying weapons and selling them later for 75% of their original cost (as long as they are not damaged).

If a weapon is up to 60% of its strength you can sell it, if it’s lower than 60% you can get r id of it. You can repair your weapons by filling out how many points you want to repair – you can see the repair cost mentioned next to repair, eg 98 gold per point and press repair. A good strategy is to buy the same weapon as the damaged ones so that their average strength rises… There is also the rounding bug, you’ll get more info about that in the tips section by our strongest players.

Armory Upgrades and Costs

You can upgrade your Fortifications and Sieg e Tech by using the upgrade buttons located on the bottom of the armory page. Current costs for fortifications and siege tech are:
< td>Keep
1 Camp 0
2 Stockade 40,000
3 Rabid Pitbulls 80,000
4 Walled Town 160,000
5 Towers 320,000
6 Battlements 640,000
7 Portcullis 1,280,000
8 Boiling Oil 2,560,000
9 Trenches 5,120,000
10 Moat 10,240,000
11 Drawbridge 20,480,000
12 Fortress 40,960,000
13 Stronghold 81,920,000
14 Palace 163,840,000
15 327,680,000
16 Citadel 655,360,000
17 Hand of God 1,310,720,000
Total Cost for All: 2,621,400,000

Fortifications upgrades give you a 25% bonus on your base DA

1 None 0
2 Flaming Arrows 40,000
3 Ballistas 80,000
4 Battering Ram 160,000
5 Ladders 320,000
6 Trojan Horse 640,000
7 Catapults 1,280,000
8 War Elephants 2,560,000
9 Siege Towers 5,120,000
10 Trebuchets 10,240,000
11 Black Powder 20,480,000
12 Dynamite 40,960,000
13 Cannons 81,920,000
Total Cost for All: 163,800,000

Siege upgrades give you a 33,3% bonus on your base SA

Training page

You can train your soldiers in the training page. You have the option to train them as attack specialists, defence specialists or spies.

An untrained soldier gives you a 4* to the current weapon strength and a specialist gives you a 5* to that number. Notice that untrained soldiers can be killed more easily during a battle.

Spies cost a little more to train than soldiers, but they raise your CA, the bad thing about it is that when you train a spy, your total number of soldiers falls by one and so does the gold you receive on each turn. You can untrain attack and defence specialists and reassign them, but you cannot reassign spies.

In the training page you can also find the unit production and spy level upgrades. When you upgrade unit production the number of soldiers you gain each day rises by one (You start the game with 0 soldiers per day)

Training Upgrades and Costs

Spy Levels
Level Multiplier Gold
0 1 0
1< /td> 2 12,000
2 4 24,000
3 8 48,000
4 16 96,000
5 32 192,000
6 64 384,000
7 128 768,000
8 256 1,536,000
9 512 3,072,000
10 1024 6,144,000
Total Cost: 12,276,000
Unit Production
Units/day Cost
1 10,000
2 20,000
3 40,000
4 80,000
5 160,000
6 320 ,000
7 640,000
8 1,280,000
9 2,560,000
10 5,120,000
11 10,240,000
12 20,480,000
13 40,960,000
14 81,920,000
15 163,840,000
16 327,680,000
17 655,360,000
18 1,310,720,000
19 2,621,440,000
20 5,242,880,000
Total: 10,485,750,000
Usefelness of Unit Production

The following table show the number of days it takes for an investment in a particular unit production upgrade to pay off. If the current Age is expected to last longer than the number in your column, it might be a good idea to purchase the upgrade.

Production Non-Humans Humans
1 4 3
2 4 3
3 4 4
4 5 5
5 7 6
6 8 8
7 12 10
8 15 14
9 21 18
10 28 25
11 37 33
12 50 45
13 68 61
14 93 83
15 127 114
16 175 156
17 240 214
18 329 294
19 453 405
20 625 559

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Intelligence page

Intelligence page is the page where you can find more info about your covert missions, like attack log is for your attacks. On the upper part of the page you can find intercepted intelligence missions by other players. A covert mission is intercepted when you have a higher CA than your opponent, so his spies are caught by yours and executed. You can see the number of spies executed by your army next to the player’s name.

On the lower part of the page you can see a list of all the covert missions you launched against others, just click on details and you’ll see a full covert report stating the info your spies where able to get, if they were able to get to the enemy’s camp… If not you'll see how many spies you lost. Of course the covert action report loads after every intelligence mission, the intelligence page is more like a list of all missions.

But let’s take things from the start shall we?

You pick your target, pre ss spy on his stats page (or attack, it really doesn’t matter at this point) and you’ll find yourself in the same page you see when you attack.

Now we’re going to use the Reconnaissance mission section of the page: Fill in how many spies you want to send (don’t send too many spies or you risk having them executed… one is enough, you can always spy again on your opponent and send more later) If the operation is successful you’ll see a page with all the info your spies where able to gather. If not, better not send any more spies on a suicide mission, your opponent probably has a higher CA than you. You can spy on the same person up to 5 times a day.

Mercenaries page

Mercenaries are soldiers that can be bought to help you balance your losses during battles, or use those extra weapons if you have more weapons than soldiers. Your army cannot consist of more than 25% in mercenaries. Mercenaries do not add more money in your turn based gold. You can buy attack mercs, defence mercs, or all purpose mercs that go where is needed (if someone attacks you untrained mercs will go help your defenders, same as untrained soldiers). Mercenaries are available sometimes during the day but their number is limited so keep an eye open for when they appear.

Log Out

No need to explain this. Even if you don't log out of your account manually, the Kings of Chaos servers will eventually log you out (within ˝ hour).

Basic Explanations, hints and tips:

Important Terms
SA Strike Action, the power of your attack
DA Defense Action, the power of your defence
CA Covert action, used to block spies (and/or spy)
Fortifications upgrades which add 25% to DA
Siege Weapons upgrades which add 33% to DA
TBG Turn Based Gold/Income
Tips for beginners

Suggestions to get a quick and safe start:

  1. Upgrade Unit Production whenever you can afford it at the beggining. At leas t to 3, and you'll want to get it up to 5 or 6 eventually. You'll need those additional soldiers.
  2. Buy some mercenaries (preferably 'General' mercs) when you have a bit of spare cash and some happen to be available. Mercs are great to prevent losses to your money-generating troops, so it's always good to have a few. 5-10 is nice and cheap for starters, 10% of your total fighting force or more is better in the long run.
  3. Get troops. Have friends click your link, put your link into your forum signature (not on GUA though), or on your personal website. If you have AIM, you might try the link trading in the 'Kings of Chaos' chatroom. You need the money - and you'll need a lot of spies sooner or later.

Spend your gold often. If you have near no gold, people will ignore you (unless you have attacked/spied on them or sent them abusive messages.

Siege/fortification is expensive, but a good investment in the long run.

Once you have a lot of troops (say 500+) and tend to get attacked often (either because you can't spend your gold frequently enough, or you made enemies) you'll want to train most of your army to attack duty. That drastically reduces casu alties when getting attacked. It also reduced the possibility of a mass attack later in the game, which can be devastating.

If your items are damaged you can repair them by buying more of that type one by one. Rounding effects 'repair' one point of damage each time you buy another weapon. (It is hard to keep dragonskins fully repaired that way until you are very large, but for the strength 640 items this tends to work even without the income of 1000+ soldiers.)
Are you getting big, people are stealing your money, and your men are dying?

When you start Kings of Chaos, you have few men, but with good clicking you get a lot of men very fast, and that means more gold lost and more casualties when you are getting attacked. This is what you will have to do to keep less gold stolen and to have less casualties when getting attacked:

  1. Train all untrained soldiers to attack specialists since than you will get less casualties when you are getting attacked, the casualties you will when you get attacked is between 0 and 1.5% over the untrained men, defence specialists, untrained mercenaries and defence mercenaries, so when you train a lot of men to attack specialists you will have a lot less casualties, this way you will save money and turn based gold.
  2. Go all-out defense for a while. This means that with the money you get, you buy defensive weapons only. This also means you will not attack for a while, since your men are mostly trained to attack specialists, so when you do attack you will have a lot of casualties.
  3. Try to spend your gold as much as possible so you will not have much gold on your hands. This way , people will attack you less since there will be less gold to steal.

When you are getting robbed less, you could go for a few attack weapons so you can steal some money from others and use your precious attack turns.

This is one recommended setup when you have 1000 TBG-earning soldiers in your army with 75 dragonskins in the armory

Trained Attack Soldiers 925
Trained Attack Mercenaries 0
Trained Defense Soldiers 75
Trained Defense Mercenaries 50
Untrained Soldiers 0
Untrained Mercenaries 150
Spies 250
Total Fighting Force 1200

TBG: Turn Based Gold
SA: Strike Action

T = # of armed and trained soldiers
U = # of armed untrained soldiers
P = Power of weapons
Ut = # of unarmed trained soldiers
U u = # of unarmed untrained soldiers
F = Siege Weapons level (0-10)
R = Race bonus

Remember that only the number of soldiers trained for the action your trying to calculate counts and you get 33% extra for each siege upgrade for the same price and now orc gets even more, so (1+0.33F) in the right part of the formula for all SA calculations and this formula assumes you are only using one type of weapon / armor.

As shown in the formula, trained soldiers give 5 times the weapon power compared to 4 for the untrained soldiers, so buy as many trained soldiers as you have weapons. Unarmed soldiers just have power 4 for Uu's or 5 for Ut's as if their fists are power 1. Trained / Untrained mercs work the same as the above soldiers, depending on whether they hold weapons or not.

Maximum damage to enemy soldiers is the same as your SA (DA if they attack you) but usually about 73% of this. It appears to be a random amount between 60 and 80% of this.

DA: Defense Action

T = # of armed and trained soldiers
U = # of armed untrained soldiers
P = power of weapons
Ut = # of unarmed trained soldiers
Uu = # of unarmed untrained soldiers
F = Fortification level 0-10
R = Race bonus

Remember that only the number of soldiers trained for the action you're trying to calculate counts. This formula assumes you are only using one type of weapon / armor, for simplicity.

As shown in the formula above, trained soldiers give 5 times the weapon power compared to 4 for the untrained soldiers so buy as many trained soldiers as you have weapons. Unarmed soldiers just have power 4 for Uu's or 5 for Ut's as if fists are power 1. mercs are the same

Weapon degradation
When attacked, armor will degrade and so power will go down, usually somewhere between 1 and 10 points for each attack, so the value of P in the SA / DA formula will also go down (the same amount for all weapons of the same type). The same happens to your weapons when you attack as well as their armor. A mass attack is based on weapon degradation; if you attack someone 5 times, using 1 attack turn each time, their armor becomes very damaged (assuming you have a good enough SA). If many people do this, their armor will be very weak. You can repair your weapons in the Armory.
CA: Covert Action
Gold Pillage
When to upgrade

Couple rules to start with
1) If you have gold, people WILL take it.
2) If you think you have a good defense there will always be someone with a higher attack that will take your money
3) Don't "save" gold, people will see it and... see rules 1 and 2
4) The only way to prevent people from attacking you is to keep your gold at 0 all the time; this is impossible unless you are a robot or a cheater.

How to prevent this:
1) Buy knives, you get 750 gold back from every knife you bank when its strength at 5/5
2) If the strength of these knives goes down, just buy knives one at a time and a "bug" in the game will give you an ex tra point of strength on your knives when you buy a new one (this applies for all weapon types)
3) Calculate how many knives you need to upgrade or buy the top weapon use this formula:

Cost of upgrade/weapon : 750 = number of knives you need to bank

4) when you have all the knives you need wait until rankings are being updated. Why? When ranks are updated only those who attacked you before can attack you the rest cant because they don’t have your name in their logs. Now sell the knives and buy the upgrade/weapon you need.

Remember that attacking is a major factor of this game, and if you sleep you will get hit. That’s also when you hit others: when they sleep and their gold piles up. It's the only fair way to play and succeed.

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Tactic Section

Basically Kings of Chaos has 3 ways of playing if YOU are active:
  1. Growing + All out DA
  2. Growing + All out SA
  3. Growing + RANK Hunting

Why do we say Growing, because you can easily grow with 400 men per day using the RR and the Clickmaster of your alliance clicking 30 min too 1 hour per day if you do it when KoC is fast.
All these strategies assume you’re an active player means you spend, click and grow between 100 - xxxx men per day.

Growing + All out DA: (Human, Elves, Dwarfs)
This i think is basically the best Strategy for a high end ra nk, but can be somewhat boring, it consists of spending, clicking and no attacking.

The first most important issue is whether sabotage coming back, worst that can happen to an all out DA player is his whole armory of Dragonskins sabbed.

If Sabotage comes back, read the FAQ for updates on immunity, to avoid getting sabbed clean get immunity. How to get that, bank in knives, because if they got sabbed you won’t lose them before attacking and you still can sell a sabbed weapon if you haven’t done a sabcheck or attacked using it. Bank yourself up and buy so you get spy level 9 and then buy 260 spies for instant immunity. Spending often is the key since your defense will practically just consist of untrained men.

When you hit 100 men try train men so you got no more than 100 defending to reduce casualty’s loss also get some mercs. Once you get immune bank in the defense weapon closest to your TBG, when you get enough of those sell em to get a Dragon skin since they give much more points back than equal money for lower ranked weapons. Keep training and add untrained/defense mercs as a buffer for your casualties. Keep pumping DA and upgrade accordingly your fortifications to the forms that are made of it.

If you are in from start of age this will prevent the amount of people than can attack you that is smaller than you thus you can keep your TBG, but do not sleep to long because then bigger armies will prey on you. Remember orcs with upgrades got a 25% advantage + that siege pays better 33,3% than defense fortifications, so you need to out grow em by men to get more weapons and higher defense.

When you think its safe to move up in ranks then start buy some SA you decide the ratio of what suits you best. when age goes to an end max out on mercs and train all soldiers not holding a weapon to spies to max out your spy rank. It’s also good to bank knives so you got cash for converting in final week of age. Since too early trained spies are T BG lost and thus fewer weapons. This strategy will max your possible rank, you won’t be farming but you can mostly keep your TBG. Also it makes you hide in ranks so your not consider a threat or they just don’t find you. Keep having defense trained soldiers same amount as Defense weapons not more because then you stay pretty Mass proof (because of your low casualties).

Growing + All out SA (Orcs, Humans)
This is the strategy for you that love attacking, stealing gold and bringing chaos and despair into other people’s heart. You will also be the iron fist of your alliance for support in mass attacks.

First you need to grow since in start of age all players are well not very big so less gold to pillage and not many men to kill. Those who get bigger than you will probably outgrow your SA fast since they are going hardcore DA. This is the reason you play as an all out DA player like 3-4 weeks until new players joined the age(that grow fast) and the rest will have bigger armies thus more gold. When 3-4 weeks done you got some choices, continue your DA strategy if you just have fallen in love with your TBG or do this if you wanna wreck havoc on KoC. Keep approximately 1 million of DA per 1000 soldier to avoid being hit on the turn, then sell rest of Dragonskins and buy 2560-strength Attack Weapons, upgrade Siege accordingly to the forms made. Now convert half of your army size to spies since when you get smaller you get more back from raping, get those mercs stocked up and look for farms.

Put all your pillage into SA and just kee p training men to attack, buy attack/untrained mercs, keep your DA 1 million per 1000 man or go with the 75% SA 25% DA on TBG.

This should make a lot of people hate you in the lands o f chaos and make your alliance members love you since you help getting farmers off their asses.

When you grow out of farm size means you outgrow your farms without finding new ones. You can always train spies to be able to farm effectively again, but remember that turns run out, while TBG is constant and increasing as long as you spend and have mercs as cannon fodder.

Growing + RANK Hunting
This is the strategy for those who want a good rank all age, support their allies in masses and spending very often to avoid being farmed. It does basically grow like hell you need to click and get officers. Use the all out DA strategy in start of game first week or so, then start even out your SA, DA and CA ranks to keep your account high ranked (max of what you can get with your growing and TBG). Still the rule of training all none weapon carriers to attack applies since you then won't be vulnerable to mass attacks. Participate in mass attacks, spend to keep farmers off(yes there will always be people who can take your money if you got too much piled up). Use your rank to recruit new officers and train them!

All of these strategies can be modified for your own personal playing style. They are guidelines, and are not meant to be followed exactly.

Famous Clicking Systems

As explained the need to grow is a vital one in this game and the best way to grow for you and your officers is click on the famous recruiters. A recruiter is a program containing a database where a number of links is stored. That way e very one of the players inside it can click the rest and thus all grow. The first recruiters appeared in the late Age 1 and early Age 2, and the starting ones were the Archangel's and the Recruiter101. However, both got marked as illegal due to giving out clicks to anyone that wanted to. After these LordStriker launched his infamous Clan Recruiter which helped him reach #2. Nowadays, recruiters are properties of every alliance giving soldiers to its members alone and being legal. This guide will explain the most famous Clicking Systems that exist at this stage of the game:

The Clickmaster (CM)

Originally made by mYsTicOne, the CM is the most commonly found clicking system. Every alliance can request one and once you join the alliance you can be added in its CM. It shows a list of the people you have to click (being divided in groups usually) and the clicks they have given/received and a button saying "CLICK" at the right side. When clicking at the first person's button two windows appear. The first one is the clickmaster and the second one is the recruit window of the person you clicked.

It is a rather simple procedure and that's why it is preferred by many, all you have to do is select your name in the clickmaster (so that you get the credit) and check the box on the lower left side of it (so that when clicking a recruit window, the next one will automatically appear) and then click on the recruit window and paste the result in the clickmaster. Especially for the Clickmaster, a helper has been created by mYsTicOne which automatically pastes the result in the clickmaster so all you have to do is click the numbers in the recruit windows making it a rather fast procedure, to get the helper visit

Archangels Clicking Tool

This is the second tool made by AA and Gizm0. To join it you have to be a member of AA first by joining their forum and all the rest. It is rather slow compared to others but very reliable (it is really hard to fake clicks in it) and due to the hard work that is being done by Gizm0 you get back all your clicks.

The basic model is a click list with all the names in it. When you click one of the names, the recruit window of that person appears and on top of it a place for you to enter the result. The sentence you enter there is also pasted exactly as you type it in the click list of the guy you clicked so that he can verify the click.

This tool has many other interesting features as well. On the click list window apart from being able to sort the names by alphabetical order, total clicks and many others, you can also check if a guy is a friend or a foe, set yourself to away (thus avoiding being clicked too much and kicked out) and many more. Moreover, each user has a unique Username and password making the tool really secure and hard to hack.

IRC clicking

The good old IRC "official" link trading chatroom. Comprehensive rules are available at flurffmeister's site. The link-trading is taking place on the ChatChannel IRC Network ( at the channel #koclinks and there are actually 2 ways to successfully click.

Basic Clicking:

First enter the channel. Then request voice by typing "/msg bot voice" (this is optional). After that you need to access and modify your remote a bit. To do this, press alt+R and enter the following:
on *:TEXT:!link: #koclinks: /notice $nick
on *:TEXT: is building an army*:#:.msg LinkTracker !getlink $nick | /notice $nick I have your link PMed to me! will c lick you soon...
where and stand for your unique recruit link and KoC username, respectively. Lastly, you have to paste your recruit link in the channel once and then type !setname . Now you are ready to start clicking. You can click people's links when they paste them at the channel or get someone's link by starting a private conversation with LinkTracker (type /q LinkTracker to do that) and typing !getlink and that will give you the link of the people named When you click someone's link you have to paste the result (X is building...... war machine") in the channel for your click to be registered. When someone clicks you, a new private chat IRC window will appear and LinkTracker will give you the link of the guy that clicked you so that you can return the click. You can check your gets and gives with the !gets and !gives commands in the same window as well. You can also paste your unique link (without any modifications like "Click me" or "click join the war" or any text) in #koclinks once every 15 minutes and you can use /notice remco- !howlong to see when you lasted pasted it. Remember: Using timers and Private link trading are illegal and you can be banned from the room for it!

Advanced clicking using JagoScript

Warning: this shows various problems when used by Windows 98 OS

This is a script constructed to aid you in clicking for #koclinks.
To download and install it visit (page by euphoria) and follow the instructions.

When properly installed and opened (the instructions are really good so there is no need to explain anything there) the script will be loaded on your mIRC. You will no tice 5 Tabs. In the first one you can see 2 columns, the left one is empty (for now) and the right one contains the names of all the people in #koclinks. Leave it be for now and go to "Configuration". Enter your info (IRC Nick and Password, KoC name, link, and race. Also, make sure that the 3 boxes below the password are checked).

Now you can start clicking. Go back to the "Clicks" Tab and press "Adv Click" (any of the 2). This will open a new script. On the right side press "gather needed", this will load all the links and when you press "start" the recruit windows will appear one by one.

This way you click people to get more credits (so that more people can click you back), now when someone clicks you his name is seen at the left column in the "Clicks" Tab. You can click back the ones that have clicked you by selecting "Adv Click" again and this time pressing "Gather Owning". Make sure you always click back the ones that click you. The 3 remaining Tabs are info on your clicks, the Received and Given logs show what appears when you click and what appears when people click you and the Statistics shows how many clicks you give/get every day and month and totally as well as who click you most and whom you click most. All 3 can be modified in the "Configurations" Tab. The same rules with Basic Clicking apply here as well and the same commands can be used.

Wildfire (PRR)

N.B.: Wildfire was formerly the Relentless Recruiter, before Phoenix Rising's founders left Relentless.

Made by fury (a.k.a flurffmeister), who also made the LinkTracker for #koclinks, Wildfire is Phoenix Rising's Recruiter.

To be added to it, you have to be either a member of Phoenix Rising, or in the command chain of one of the leaders. Contact someone from PR or your commander for more information.

The easiest way to use Wildfire is by downloading the Accelerator, which copies and pastes for you (similar to Jago's script or the CM Helper). It currently only works with Internet Explorer 6 on Windows.

This is in my opinion the fastest recruiter; and, since it has more than 1,000 members, it is a good choice.

Clan Recruiter (CR)

The Clan Recruiter, designed by LordStriker, is made for StrikerClan members. There is also a way to get on the CR if you are not a StrikerClan member, but this does not often occur.

Originally designed by LS in Age 2, the Clan Recruiter came under fire since it always put LordStriker and his top officers first on the list of players to click. LordStriker and his officers were getting 'free clicks'. LordStriker modified his recruiter, and re-released it, so that only accounts with positive click credits are able to be clicked. The Clan Recruiter also has a helper, similar to the one designed for the Relentless Recruiter.

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